Annual Giving

Your annual gift to the ESU Foundation helps students every day in profound ways. With tuition and state funding only covering a portion of the cost of an ESU education, we look to private support to help fund programs that benefit the entire university community. 

The Warrior Fund supports the most immediate needs of the university and makes the student experience memorable by encouraging learning, enhancing programs, and enriching collegiate life. 

You can also choose to support the program, department, or college that means the most to you. 

Academic Scholarships
Academic scholarships allow deserving students to continue their education with less worry about paying the bills. These scholarships ensure hardworking scholars are rewarded for their accomplishments, both in the classroom and throughout the campus community. 

Athletic Scholarships
Imagine the disappointment of a talented student athlete who can’t manage the price of tuition. Athletic scholarships allow coaches to recruit and retain students who become leaders both on and off the field. 

Outstanding Faculty
Faculty members teach and inspire students. Exceptional faculty members influence students long after graduation. ESU is committed to supporting outstanding faculty who in turn attract extraordinary students. 

Enhance the Student Experience
Clubs, recreational activities, student groups, and updated facilities enrich the educational experience of ESU students. There is no room in the budget for these extras; annual gifts make these opportunities possible. 

Research Opportunities
Hands-on teacher/student collaboration in research can lead to amazing discoveries. Annual gifts can purchase supplies to support research that could benefit everyone. 

Alumni Participation Matters! 
Participation by alumni, faculty, and staff are a sign the people most connected to the university are confident in its ability to attract talented students, exceptional faculty, and generous corporate donors. Alumni who give back to ESU are paying it forward, and helping today’s students the way they were helped when they walked this campus.