Scholarships - Currently Available


This scholarship has been awarded for 2021/2022 and is no longer available.

Scholarships Open for Application 

The following scholarships are currently open and available for students to apply. This changes frequently and new scholarships will be added as they become available. Questions should be directed to Laurie Schaller, scholarship administrator, at or 570-422-3658. 

Due to the large number of scholarships available at this time, please refer to your major's college listing.  Scholarships are listed by major with information on availability, term and amount of the scholarship detailed in greeen text beneath each specific scholarship.  If there is no information in green, that scholarship is not currently available.  Information on how to apply is provided in red text.

Be sure to check "Other Scholarships" because these are available to multiple majors or, in most cases, students of any major.

To see a full list of scholarships, including those not open for application at this time, click here.