Opening the Doors of Opportunity

Supporting Student Scholarships

Supporting an academic or athletic scholarship allows deserving students to continue their education with less worry about the price of tuition. Scholarships ensure hardworking scholars are rewarded for their accomplishments, both inside and outside the classroom.

At the East Stroudsburg University Foundation, you can establish an Annual or Endowed scholarship to make a difference in the lives of ESU students and impact their futures.

The Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair - 14th Annual Scholarship Celebration


David ’70 and Bonnie ’72 Childs

Creators of the
David ’70 and Bonnie ’72 Childs Annual Scholarship

We loved our college experience at ESU and the friendships we still enjoy. It was only natural for us to want to help others have a great education and social experiences. The community feeling extends to all aspects of the university. It has been wonderful to continue being part of the activities as alumni and we are blessed to be able to help others continue to learn and grow.”

Gary ’77 and Deb ’81 Kessel

Creators of the

Brielle Susan Kessel ’14 Field Hockey Endowed Scholarship, Coursen-Kessel Lacrosse Endowed Scholarship, Gary A. Kessel ’77 Wrestling Annual Scholarship, Kessel Family Field Hockey Annual Scholarship, Kessel Family Lacrosse Annual Scholarship

East Stroudsburg University alumni, former student-athletes, former ESU coaches, members of the ESU Athletic Hall of Fame, and a legacy family, we have deep roots and a strong commitment to ESU. We believe in 'paying it forward' and established our scholarships to help student-athletes enjoy the successes and lessons we learned on the wrestling mats and field hockey and lacrosse fields at ESU. Our time at ESU helped mold us into the people we are today and gave us lifelong friends. It is our pleasure to assist young adults with their academic and athletic careers.”


Marc Bain
Class of 2023
Roxbury, N.J.

Joan Brimer-Cramer ’41 Endowed Scholarship

Being the recipient of the Joan Brimer-Cramer ’41 Endowed Scholarship has truly been an honor. It has given me a great deal of relief by helping fund my college education and has shown me that there are many people out there who ultimately want students to succeed and will help in any way they can.”

Keyanna Safforld
Class of 2023
East Stroudsburg, Pa.

Sanofi STEM Annual Scholarship

To say the least, being a recipient of the Sanofi STEM Annual Scholarship has been a true blessing in my life. I could not be more thankful. Thank you so much to Sanofi for establishing a scholarship that not only supports STEM students financially, but also makes their future goals much more attainable. I cannot say thank you enough.”