East Stroudsburg University Consecutive Giving Society

The Consecutive Giving Society was created to recognize those alumni, parents, friends, faculty, and staff who make annual gifts of support to ESU. Year after year, these loyal donors provide resources for ESU to enhance academic offerings, expand athletic facilities, and create opportunities for students. Consecutive annual gifts, regardless of amount, transform student lives.

East Stroudsburg University would like to honor our donors who have given for at least five consecutive years with membership in the Consecutive Giving Society. Inclusion in this distinguished group is designed to celebrate the value of loyalty among consistent donors. Your generous giving is so meaningful to our university.

Giving Society Levels

After giving to the university for five years, donors are admitted into the Consecutive Giving Society.

Evergreen Circle 25 or more years
Sycamore Circle 21 to 24 years
Linden Circle 15 to 20 years
Hemlock Circle 10 to 14 years
Laurel Circle  Five to nine years

Donors at all levels will be included in the Annual Report of Donors and recognized on the ESU Foundation website. If you prefer your name not be included in this public list, please notify the Office of Alumni Engagement at 570-422-3613.


How do I become a member of the Consecutive Giving Society?

Make a gift for five consecutive years and you automatically become a member of the first level, the Laurel Circle.

How much do I have to give each year to remain a member?

There is no minimum amount needed for membership.

How do I continue my membership in the Consecutive Giving Society?

Simply make your annual gift each fiscal year to remain in the society. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

What giving levels are recognized?

After five years of consecutive giving, you become a member of the Consecutive Giving Society. Giving levels are acknowledged at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 or more years.

How will I remember to make my gift?

You will be sent a reminder before the anniversary of your last gift date.

What happens if I forget to make my gift before June 30?

Call the Office of Alumni Engagement at 570-422-3613 to determine eligibility for continued membership.

I forgot to make my gift last year. Can I double my last gift and continue to be a member?

Unfortunately, ESU does not offer a buy back program. Once a year of giving is missed, membership in the Consecutive Giving Society ends.

Does it matter what program or department I designate my gift to?

No, all gifts to any fund or program are counted toward your consecutive years of giving.

I want my giving to remain anonymous. How do I keep my name from appearing in the published list?

Notify the Office of Alumni Engagement at 570-422-3613 and your name will be removed from the list.

How can I make my gift? For an immediate impact, gifts can be made online at www.esufoundation.org/givenow. You may mail a check, payable to ESU Foundation, to 200 Prospect Street, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 or, for personal assistance, call 570-422-3333 and speak to a staff member.