President’s Circle

Thank you to these individuals, businesses and organizations who have given $1,500 and above in fiscal year 2017-2018.

Millennium Circle ($50,000 +)
ESSA Bank & Trust Charitable Foundation
Hoeffner Foundation
Robert M. Moses
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
Douglas Roscoe
Susan Z. '85 and Robert A. Shebelsky
The R. Dale and Frances M. Hughes Foundation

Julia Circle ($10,000 - $49,999)

William B. and Barbara Cramer
Stephen M. Domovich '49
Jan S. Dutt '67
Stephen and Candace E. Somlock Dutt
Ertle Subaru
ESSA Bank & Trust
Fulton Financial Corporation
Hughes Foundation, Inc.
Bryan E. and Colette L. Hughes
Gary A. '77 and Debra G. '81 Kessel
Douglas C. and Sharon G. Lane
Charles A. '69 and Patricia '68 McMunn
Ryan A. and Alexandra Wilcox McMunn
Lehigh Valley Hospital - Pocono
Mattioli Foundation
Jessica Miccio
Irene Mitchel
Mount Airy Casino Resort
Mount Airy Foundation
Mountain Valley Orthopedics, P.C.
Niedbala Family Foundation
R. Sam '82 and Linda '83 Niedbala
Estate of David Laurence Perrine
Richard K. and Donna J. '96 Salch
Sanofi Pasteur
Arthur R. '62 and Fannie A. '62 Schisler
Stephen M. and Sharon D. Somers
The Haverford Trust Company
Marcia G. Welsh and Louis Terracio
Rory J. '84 and Diane E. Yanchek

Founders Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)
David A. '70 and Bonnie E. '72 Childs
Blaise M. Delfino '14 M'17
Fader Plugs, LLC
James G. '95 and Funmilayo Franklin
Alan S. '72 and Joan F. Frick
Joseph T. '82 and Diane Gaynor
Glen Brook Golf Club
Richard B. '69 and Wendy H. Koch
Shala E. Davis and John F. Kochmansky
Frederick L. '63 and Elizabeth A. '62 Masenheimer
Allison Matula
J. Douglas '67 M'69 and Marilyn McNamee
James C. Rutherford, Jr. Memorial Fund
Adam S. '00 M'02 and Erin Stauffer
Robert T. Sweeney '62
The Ann and Joseph Farda Foundation
The Kirby Foundation
The William T. Morris Foundation
VanFleet Medical
Vigon International, Inc.
Jeffrey A. and Audrey Weber
Robert H. '75 and Julieann Willever
Randy Yanoshak

President's Circle ($1,500 - $4,999)
Adams Outdoor Advertising
All Sports Enterprises, Inc.
ARAMARK Services, Inc.
Rodney W. '65 and Eileen R. Applegate
Rick and Susan Armitage
Mary Sue '60 M'69 and Louis A. Balducci
Thomas A. '62 and Rebecca A. '72 Barrow
Kenneth A. '62 M'65 and Donna W. Benner
Mark S. Turner and Gina J. Bertucci
Donald R. and Dolores B. Bortz
David R. Bousquet
Braveheart Enterprises, LLC
Elliot H. and Victoria E. Brown
Joanne Z. Bruno and Richard Sentipal
Thomas C. Capezio '71
Barry J. '74 and Janet R. '75 Cohen
Horace S. '63 and Sonya K. '63 Cole
Patricia M. and David W. Crotty
Cynthia Defidelto
Gypsy Denzine
Patricia A. Desmond '70
MaryEllen '80 and Kevin J. Dickey
Direct Mail Service & Press Inc.
Dockside Properties, LLC
Dennis C. and Judith G. Douds
Anthony L. '76 and Ellen S. Drago
David R. '74 and Christina D. Dunning
Easton Coach Company
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
David B. '81 and Shirley Fenner
First Energy Foundation
Robert P. Fleischman
Alfredo '03 and Jennifer Garcia
Deborah L. Gebhardt ’69
Patricia Graham
Thomas J. Grayuski '84
Donald L. '56 and Marge E. '59 Griffith
Ernest R. Gromlich '60
George D. '58 and Harriet D. '56 Hall
Hampton Inn & Suites Stroudsburg Bartonsville
Harrison G. and Dolores M. Hartman
Phillip A. '85 and Cathy Headland
Edward V. Henning
Patricia G. '62 and William C. Hibschman
Holiday Inn Express and Suites
Wendy Jankoski '82 and Paul Lapinski
K and W Investors
Eileen P. '79 and James G. Kaiser
Robert A. '58 and Anne E. Kearn
Robert and Stacey Kelly
Kathleen F. '95 and Thomas D. Kirkwood
Henry C. Kunkel '73
KW Commercial, The Daniel Perich Group
Judith A. '76 M'86 and James H. Leiding
Douglas S. '94 and Melissa A. Leonzi
Francine S. '65 and Robert H. Lewis
William J. '63 and Sandra F. '64 Lewis
Mark E. and Wendy A. Lichty
Marcus S. '95 and Yvonne T. '94 Lingenfelter
Jacob T. Llewellyn '72
Anthony D. '82 and Christine Mahon
Martz Group
Mary-Carol Mason '62
Michael V. '88 and Mary McCann
William R. McFadden '81
Ann E. '82 and Kenton R. McGinnis
MegaPhase LLC
Clavertis D. and Charlene Miller
Maury J. Molin '76
Monroe County Bar Association
Monroe County Bar Foundation
Robert W. '66 M'67 and Claudia '65 Naismith
Bryan M. O'Neill '04
Jerry and Hedy Orodenker
Trevin J. Panaia '97 and Kari L. Yodice-Panaia '95
Steven and Ann Paolini
Pinnacle Parking, LLC
Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
Renee A. '89 and John M. Pope
Mary Frances Postupack M'93
William Pote III
Deborah E. Prince
Frank M. '73 M'76 and Nancy Pullo
G. James Purdy '68
Lois E. '78 and Richard J. Rawson
Glenn F. '69 and Sue Ann Reibman
Robert M. Richey '73
Geoffrey M'15 and Rebecca S. Roche
Walter P. '77 and Nancy G. Rogers
Kevin P. '83 and Candace A. '81 Ruddy
William A. '57 and Marilyn M. Ruddy
SAJE Enterprises, LLC
Rich and Katee Santoro
Paul and Judy Schuchman
Gregory E. '80 M'93 and Lauretta A. '81 Shoemaker
Neal H. and Joyce L. Simpson
Ski Shawnee, Inc.
Edwin R. '56 and Patricia K. '55 Smith
Howard L. Soloway
St. Luke's University Health Network
Kyle C. and Katie Stem
George C. '66 and Ida Stockman
Stony Acres
Robert G. Sutton and Linda DeRenzis-Sutton
John R. '69 M'73 and Pamela J. '70 Thatcher
The Auxiliary of the Pocono Medical Center
The Camelot Schools Of Pennsylvania
The Older Adult Learning Center - TOALC
Jack Thompson
Doreen M. and John C. Tobin*
William G. Tobin
Robert J. '65 and Patty J. Tonkin
Vivature, Inc.
Brent I. Voynar '95
William D. and Ellen Walker
Kathryn A. Waltz '70
Diana E. Weaver '57
Nancy L. Weaver '74 M'78
Karl M. and Ann H. Weiler
Amy '85 and Robert J. Welch
Jeffrey I. Wilson '86 M'92
Wenjie Yan

Italics: Gift in kind