Hodge Family Scholarship


This scholarship was inspired by the life and legacy of Evelyn and Valerie Hodge who recognized the importance of educational achievement and service. These values and ideals continue to be perpetrated by Dr. Donna Hodge and Linda Hodge.

Who was Evelyn Hodge?

Evelyn Hodge was a single parent who instilled in her three daughters the essential values of commitment, tenacity, hard work and academic achievement. Mrs. Hodge was firm in her conviction and belief that education was truly the key to the door of opportunity and success for all individuals. As a result of her encouragement, motivation and inspiration, her three daughters amassed ten academic degrees. To honor her life and memory and to promote the principles and ideals that she espoused, her three daughters, Valerie Hodge, deceased, (Former Vice President for Student Affairs at East Stroudsburg University), Linda Hodge (Retired Corporate Attorney), and Dr. Donna Hodge (Professor Emeritus of Psychology at East Stroudsburg University) have established this scholarship award.

Who Was Valerie M. Hodge?

Valerie Hodge was an individual whose life exemplified the values of compassion and service. She was a voice and champion for anyone in need and profoundly believed that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect. Valerie’s life reflected her commitment and dedication to providing care, friendship, and service to others. The population that she loved and was the greatest advocate for, were students. She was explicit in her belief that the students of today represent the leaders of tomorrow, and, as such, the University must educate, nurture, and empower them to go forth and fulfill their destinies. Valerie Hodge worked in student development for over 35 years and culminated her career as the Vice President for Student Affairs at East Stroudsburg University. The inspiration and legacy that she leaves is that “The greatest gift that you can give is of yourself in service to others”.

Who is Linda Hodge?

Linda Hodge is a woman whose intellect and expansive breadth of knowledge and information is truly extraordinary. Her commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the Bachelor of Arts degree that she received from Radcliff College, the Juris Doctorate that she received from Harvard Law School, and the Certificate of Study that she received from The College of Europe in Bruges Belgium. Linda believes that knowledge is power and it is that power that lays the foundation for one’s professional and career achievements. Linda has worked as a Corporate Attorney in Boston, San Francisco, and Thousand Oaks, California. Her love of culture and the arts have inspired her to travel the world, marveling in its beauty, magistry, and majestic wonders. Her membership on several medical boards, the Opera League, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and other social and cultural committees reflect her continuous commitment to service and philanthropy.

Who is Donna Hodge?

Donna Hodge is a sensitive and compassionate individual who always demonstrates a genuine sensitivity of caring and concern for those in need. Donna’s altruistic nature motivated her to pursue two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Sociology, two Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Education, and a Ph.D. in Psychology. Donna’s love of psychology and education influenced her decision to be a Psychology Professor for over 30 years at East Stroudsburg University. In addition, she has worked as a Forensic Psychologist and maintained a private mental health practice for over 20 years. Her commitment to service is reflected in her membership on several medical boards and numerous community organizations. In addition, Donna takes great pride in continuing to guide and mentor students on their paths to career and professional success.