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President's Message

Marcia G. Welsh, Ph.D.


Chairman’s Message Robert Willever ’75On a beautiful fall evening in October 2018, I had the honor of standing in a room with more than 250 guests who had gathered to celebrate East Stroudsburg University’s 125th Anniversary. It was the culmination event after a busy year of festivities that recognized ESU’s founding in September 1893. In the time I have served as president of ESU since 2012, I cannot remember a year so full of excitement. Not only did we honor those who came before us, but we set the stage for years ahead, pledging to always place our student’s success as our motivator in all we do.

That evening was also an example of the energy that can be harnessed when we come together for an incredible cause – student scholarship. Alumni, friends, faculty and staff, and community members joined us to celebrate a milestone year, raising more than $175,000 for scholarships in one evening. An event of this size and financial success is unprecedented for ESU and it filled my heart with joy to see individuals and businesses raise their paddles to support students in need.

The 125th Anniversary Celebration set the pace for a record-breaking year in fundraising for the ESU Foundation which, thanks to you, secured $4,648,606 in gifts and pledges in 2018-2019. In its 33-year history, the Foundation has worked to fulfill its mission to support ESU and its students, and the past year’s efforts show momentum is building as relationships and partnerships flourish.

Your support also resulted in stunning photo opportunities and dreams realized at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Creekview Park complex and dedication of the Dr. Jane Huffman Wildlife Genetics Institute. The details of these projects can be found within this Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors, along with a multitude of other program highlights and events that made 2018-2019 one to remember.

Of course, you will also discover the names of thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations that – like you- understand how important higher education is when it comes to philanthropic giving. There are many contenders that vie for your support and we are humbled and deeply touched by the depth of your generosity.

Looking ahead, we still have much work to do, funds to raise, and projects to accomplish. We invite you to remain our friend and partner in 2019-2020, providing students with the best we can possibly offer and ensuring every ESU Warrior has the tools they need to succeed.