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President's Circle

Individuals, businesses and organizations who have given $1,500 or more in 2019-2020.

Millennium Circle ($50,000+)

ESSA Bank & Trust Charitable Foundation
Estate of Patricia S. Neidorf
Estate of Clifford J. Waas
Sandra J. Hoeffner Hoeffner Foundation
John E. Morgan Foundation, Inc.
PA Department of Education
PA Department of Human Services
Sara M. Rand ’61

Julia Circle ($10,000 to $49,999)

All Sports Enterprises, Inc.
William B. and Barbara Cramer
Ertle Subaru
ESSA Bank & Trust
Estate of Agnes B. Yost
Joe Ferry '03
James G. ’95 and Funmilayo Franklin
Deborah L. Gebhardt ’69
Hughes Foundation, Inc.
Gary A. ’77 and Debra G. ’81 Kessel
LabCorp Corporate Community Affairs
Rose Mattioli
Mattioli Foundation
Allison Matula
Charles A. ’69 and Patricia ’68 McMunn
Mary Ellen McNish ’68
Irene Mitchel
Pennsylvania State
Employees Credit Union
Douglas Roscoe
Phyllis F. Rubin
Susan Z. ’85 and Robert A. Shebelsky
Simplex Image Solutions and Shinetime Auto Wash
Stephen M. and Sharon D. Somers
Kyle C. and Katie Stem Tricam Industries, Inc.
Marcia G. Welsh and Louis Terracio
Rory J. ’84 and Diane E. Yanchek

Founder’s Circle ($5,000 to $9,999)

Adams Outdoor Advertising
Angelo F. Jr. ’95 and Jennifer Borzio
Coordinated Health Professional Practice
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
GAK Construction
Alan E. Gurmankin
Barbara and Dennis Howell
Linda D. Koch ’69 M’71
Richard B.* ’69 and Wendy H. Koch
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Marcus S. ’95 and Yvonne T. ’94 Lingenfelter
J. Douglas ’67 M’69 and Marilyn McNamee
Robert M. Moses
Renee A. ’89 and John M. Pope
Anuradha and Ranjan Sachdev
Arthur R. ’62 and Fannie A. ’62
Schisler Robert T. Sweeney ’62
The Haverford Trust Company
The William T. Morris Foundation
Doreen M. and John C. Tobin*
Todd and Shari Nelson
Family Foundation, Inc.
Duane K. ’82 and Susan M. VanFleet
VanFleet Medical
Bo Vicendese
Jeffrey A. and Audrey Weber
Randy Yanoshak

President’s Circle ($1,500 to $4,999)

A. Borzio Contracting
Edward P. and Mindy L. Abraham
Mary Sue ’60 M’69 and Louis A. Balducci
Thomas A. ’62 and Rebecca A. ’72 Barrow
Bergen County’s United Way
Mark S. Turner and Gina J. Bertucci
Donald R. and Delores B. Bortz 

David R. Bousquet
Joanne Z. Bruno and Richard Sentipal
CH Hospital of Allentown, LLC
David A. ’70 and
Bonnie E. ’72 Childs
Glenn W. ’74 and Dawne Clark
Cluck University Chicken
Horace S. ’63 and Sonya K. ’63
Cole Patricia M. and David W. Crotty
Douglas L. Dalrymple
Jeffrey D. ’79 and Susan E. Detzi
John D. ’79 and Sandra M. M’96 Detzi
Joseph D. ’79 and Brenda Detzi
Detzi’s Tavern, Inc.
MaryEllen ’80 and Kevin J. Dickey
Dockside Properties, LLC
Dennis C. and Judith G. Douds
Anthony L. ’76 and Ellen S. Drago
EPA Enterprises, Inc.
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Darlene D. Farris-LaBar
First Energy Foundation
Frontcourt Group
Dan H. Gale ’05
Alfredo ’03 and Jennifer Garcia
Thomas J. Grayuski ’84
Donald L. ’56 and Marge E. ’59 Griffith
Ernest R. Gromlich ’60
Jill K. Heiser ’99 M’99 M’01
Patricia G. ’62 and William C. Hibschman
Wendy Jankoski ’82 and Paul Lapinski
JR Flooring, LLC
K and W Investors
Eileen P. ’79 and James G. Kaiser
Kathie W. Kirkpatrick
Shala E. Davis and John F. Kochmansky
Michael J. Kramer ’97
Henry C. Kunkel ’73
Judith A. ’76 M’86 and James H. Leiding
Douglas S. '94 and Melissa A. Leonzi

R. Griggs ’87 and Judeth Levy
Francine S. ’65 and Robert H. Lewis
Martz Group
William R. McFadden ’81
Ann E. ’82 and Kenton R. McGinnis
Dennis L. ’74 and Kathryn G. ’74 Mohn
Maury J. Molin ’76
Mo’R Tennis and Fitness Club
Mountain Valley Orthopedics, P.C.
James E. and Constance G. Moyer
R. Sam ’82 and Linda ’83 Niedbala
Niedbala Family Foundation
Northeast Chapter PSPA
Bryan M. O’Neill ’04
Jerry and Hedy Orodenker
Angelo and Kathleen A. Ortenzi
Trevin J. Panaia ’97 and Kari L. Yodice-Panaia ’95
Paradise Tanning
Pennoni Associates, Inc.
C. R. and Annette C. Pennoni
Physical Therapy Associates of NE PA Inc.
Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
Mary Frances Postupack M’93
Bernard J. ’81 and Kathy Povanda
Deborah E. Prince
John R. ’71 and Deborah A. Procopio
Peter E. Pruim and Margaret J. Ball
Frank M. ’73 M’76 and Nancy Pullo
Quality Dining, Inc.
Lois E. ’78 and Richard J. Rawson
Glenn F. ’69 and Sue Ann Reibman
Michael D. ’00 and Kerri M. Rhine
Walter P. ’77 and Nancy G. Rogers
Pat ’67 and Joan M. ’64
Ross William A. ’57 and Marilyn M. Ruddy
SAJE Enterprises, LLC
Mary Lou ’63 and Anthony ’61 M’68
Salerno Rich and Katee Santoro
Christopher A. Sarajian
Paul and Judy Schuchman
Ski Shawnee, Inc.
Deborah N. Smith ’75
Edwin R. ’56 and Patricia K. ’55 Smith
Howard L. Soloway
Adam S. '00 M'02 and Erin Stauffer

St. Luke’s University Health Network
Stroudsmoor Country Inn
John R. ’69 M’73 and Pamela J. ’70 Thatcher
The Auxiliary of the Pocono Medical Center
The Fulcrum Group
Robert J. ’65 and Patty J. Tonkin
Urology Associates of the Poconos
Robert W. Veneziale
Craig S. ’99 and Jill K. ’99 M’01
Vondercrone Brent I. Voynar ’95
Richard D. ’67 and Danna ’68 Vroman
William D. and Ellen Walker
Kathryn A. Waltz ’70
Diana E. Weaver ’57
Nancy L. Weaver ’74 M’78
Robert H. ’75 and Julieann Willever
Jeffrey I. Wilson ’86 M’92
Richard W. Woods ’84
Steve L. and Kim A. Zardet

Names listed in bold are members of the President's Circle.
Italics: Gift in kind.