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The 1893 Society

The 1893 Society recognizes alumni and friends who have established an endowment fund and/or included the ESU Foundation in their estate plans. All planned gifts to the ESU Foundation qualify for recognition in The 1893 Society.

A Grateful Alumni
Jennifer M. Ahrens '94
Neil N. '96 and Gladys Baksh
Mary Sue '60 M'69 and Louis Balducci
James '05 and Kathryn Barchiesi
Florence L. (Peachy) Barkman
Karen '95 and Kerry R. Beetel
Eli and Christine Berman
James L. Borger '59
Donald R. and Dolores B. Bortz
Jack G. Bowers
Richard N. '60 and Jean M. '89 Brewer
Elliot H. and Victoria E. Brown
Robert P. Brunet
Lynn P. Bush
Jone J. Bush
Jeanne C. Chambers '73
Jack P. '67 and Anne V. Childs
Darell T. and Cindy Covington
William B. and Barbara Cramer
Patricia M. and David W. Crotty
Roger L. DeLarco '80
Gertrude Q. '70 and Bruce A. Denlinger
Gypsy Denzine
Jean M. DeSchriver '74
Roseann Dillman
Stephanie L. Doherty '85
Stephen M. Domovich '49*
Eugenia S. Eden '72 M'76*
Ann R. Edinger '73
Judy Edwards
Karen M. '79 and Joseph El-Chaar
William C. Eves '71
Louise L. '56* and Robert H. '55* Fabel
Sue C. Falvello '60
J. David and Hinda Farmer
Barbara A. and James P. '52* Frawley
Gere B. Fulton '60
Daisy M. and Robert Gallagher
John R. Gantz '63
Deborah L. Gebhardt '69
James E. and Betty B.* Gilbert
Ann E. Gladfelter McGinnis '82 and Kenton R. McGinnis
Julie and Michael Glavin
Donald L. '56* and Marge E. '59 Griffith
David A. '76 M'84 and Moira A. '77 Hair
Harriet D. '56 and George D. '58* Hall
Harrison G. and Dolores M. Hartman
Noretta Herman '59
Frank V. Hermann '53
Angela J. Herrlinger '92 M'98
Joseph C. '63 and Joanne P. '64 Heverin
Sandra Hoeffner
Jorene Jameson '69 and James Wylie
Wendy A. Jankoski '82 and Paul Lapinski
Russell F. '80 and Christine Jones
Stephen and Gail Kalman
Robert A. '58 and Anne E. Kearn
Bob '71 and Sandy Kelley
Martha S. Kellow
Richard B. '69* and Wendy H. Koch
Linda D. Koch '69 M'71
Constance R. Krick '60 M'65
Hank C. Kunkel '73
Jeffrey J. Land '79
Douglas C. and Sharon G. Lane
Harry F. and Jeannie M. Lee
Judith A. '76 M'86 and James H. Leiding
Helen F. '50 and Wellington* Lester
Marcus S. Lingenfelter '95
Susan C. Longo '72 M'87
Kenneth E. Maclary
Hussain G. Malik
Susan F. and Donald R. Mancuso
Michael D. '97 and Jennifer Mancuso
Randy S. '78 and Valerie A. '79 Maugle
Kathryn A. McLaughlin Waltz '70
William "Bing" McNulty '62
Ronald J. Meyers
Jessica Miccio
R. Bruce Miller*
Irene Mitchel*
Maury J. Molin '76
Frank M. Montano '69
Robert M. Moses
William W. Moyer '61
Clarence J. and Elizabeth Murphy
Michael B. Murphy '93 M'96 and Marni F. Freeman-Murphy '93
Deborah Newlin Smith '75
R. Sam '82 and Linda L. '83 Niedbala
Sandra O'Neil-Seiler '57
Patricia A. Ori '61
Jerry and Hedy Orodenker
Robert S. '70 and Cyndi Ott
Trudy M. Piatt
Frank '73 M'76* and Nancy Pullo

Deborah A. Raykovitz '75
Joseph Reilly
Ritchey J. '65 M'72 and Roberta A. '66 Ricci
James C. and Susan D. Roberts III
Douglas Roscoe
Phyllis F. Rubin*
Kevin P. '83 and Candace A. '81 Ruddy
Sandra L. and Ernest E.* Rydell
Larry M. '58 M'64 and Barbara Rymon
Robert M. '65* and Elizabeth Ann Sabol
Darleen Schaare-Schott '63
Arthur R. '62 and Fannie A. '62 Schisler
Robert C. Serfass '62
Niandong Shi and Youjun Yang
Elaine Shuey and George Munn
W. George '74 and Cynthia M. '74 Shultz
Scott Simonds '90 and Patricia Fonzi
Barry E. '62 and Norma Slemmer
Patricia S. and John W. Smeaton
Grace Smith
Stephen M. and Sharon D. Somers
Richard A. Staneski
Ray J. Starner '69
Adam S. '00 M'02 and Erin Stauffer
Margaret L. Stish '64 M'67
Robert G. Sutton and Linda L. DeRenzis-Sutton
Charles T. '84 M'86 and Teresa M. Taylor II
Martha M. '65 and Ronald M. Tirpak
Doreen M. Tobin
Donald L. Tshudy
Ellen M. and William D.* Walker
Faith H. Waters and Edward C. Kimes
Diana E. Weaver '57
Jeffrey and Audrey Weber
Amy '85 and Robert J. Welch
Mary B. Whalen '78*
Robert H. '75 and Julieann Willever
Carol A. Wolf '68
Rory J. '84 and Diane E. Yanchek
Richard A. '60 and Sandra L. '60 Zimmer

Names listed in bold are members of the President's Circle.