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Chairman's Message

It is such an honor to be serving as the chair of the East Stroudsburg University Foundation Board of Directors. While I may be new in this role, my service to the board, and to my alma mater, is nothing new. I am now entering my eighth year of service and, with every one that passes, I am even more humbled to witness the incredible generosity of our donors.

Your kindness and spirit of giving back seems to know no bounds as the ESU Foundation again crossed a benchmark fundraising year, securing $5,273,256 in total gifts and pledges during fiscal 2021-2022. What exactly does that translate to? It means a student with a desire to learn, grow and seek a college education can do so through the help of scholarship support. Last year, the ESU Foundation, for the third straight year, provided more than $1 million in support to deserving students. It means we can help ESU provide the best academic and university experience to every Warrior, whether in the classroom, laboratory or athletic venue. Over the past year, we’ve cut the ribbon to a new football locker room, construction of the Community Health Education and Simulation Center is nearing completion, and plans for a new soccer stadium have taken shape and fundraising has begun.

Within the pages of this Alumni Herald magazine, you will discover the ESU Foundation’s 2021-2022 Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors, an annual publication that provides us the opportunity to show the impact of your financial support. It also ensures we remain transparent on the use of your gifts and that we acknowledge and continue to steward you in a timely and proper manner. I hope you enjoy the stories within as they speak to the value of your support. From the student scholarship recipients that grace the front cover, to the donor testimonials that touch our hearts, they all resonate the four words that make up the ESU Foundation’s theme this year - It’s in the Giving.

I’d like to extend my thanks to members of the Foundation board for their continued efforts and service to ESU and its students. Also, on behalf of the full board, my gratitude goes out to Executive Director Rich Santoro and the Foundation/Advancement team for their great work. To President Kenneth Long and the faculty and staff we work so closely with to make positive change - thank you. I am proud to be an ESU Warrior  and walk alongside all of you in the coming year. My commitment has never been stronger to achieve our fundraising goals and I feel confident that, working together, we can do anything.