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Individuals, businesses and organizations who have given $1,500 or more.

Millennium Circle ($50,000+)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Financing Authority
Sandra J. Hoeffner
Hoeffner Foundation
The R. Dale and Frances M. Hughes Foundation
R. Bruce Miller, Sr.*
Pennsylvania Department of Health
Charles T. '84 M'86 and Teresa M. Taylor II

Julia Circle ($10,000 to $49,999)

Anonymous (2)
William Andrews
Mary Sue '60 M'69 and Louis A. Balducci
William B. and Barbara Cramer
Joan Roos Egner '52*
Kristina L. Garzio '04
Deborah L. Gebhardt '69
Nancy Gilboy
Harriet D. '56 and George D. '58* Hall
Bryan E. and Colette L. Hughes
Bryan E. Hughes
Hughes Foundation, Inc. 
Steven A. and Patricia C. Janicek
Gary A. '77 and Debra G. '81 Kessel
Bruno S. and Cheryl Klaus
Wendy H. Koch
Hank C. Kunkel '73
Douglas S. '94 and Melissa A. Leonzi
William J. '63 and Sandra F. '64 Lewis
Lili Clarke, Inc. 
Irene Mitchel*
R. Sam '82 and Linda '83 Niedbala
Niedbala Family Foundation
Nancy Vrooman Perretta*
Ritchey J. '65 M'72 and Roberta A. '66 Ricci
Arthur R. '62 and Fannie A. '62 Schisler
Robert C. '62 and Nancy J. Serfass
Susan Z. '85 and Robert A. Shebelsky
Elaine M. Shuey
Simplex Image Solutions and Shinetime Auto Wash
Stephen M. and Sharon D. Somers
St. Luke's University Health Network
The Haverford Trust Company
Vesta Fund
Weiler Family Foundation
Rory J. '84 and Diane E. Yanchek

Founder's Circle ($5,000 to $9,999)

A Grateful Alumni
Brian K. '84 and Karen D. '85 Boyd
David A. '70 and Bonnie E. '72 Childs
David T. and Joanne S. Davis
Joseph D. '79 and Brenda Detzi
John D. '79 and Sandra M. M'96 Detzi
Robert A. Dodd '84 M'98 and Susan M. Shandra Dodd '82
Coach Denny and Judy Douds
ESSA Bank & Trust
ESSA Bank & Trust Charitable Foundation
Danny H. '05 and Stephanie R. Gale, Jr.
Lori A. Packard Hull '88 and Christopher K. Hull '89
Kalahari Resorts & Conventions
Michael J. Kramer '97
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Lehigh Valley Health Network - Coordinated Health Allentown
Little Ceasars Pizza
Frederick L. '63 and Elizabeth A. '62 Masenheimer
Ann E. Gladfelter McGinnis '82 and Kenton R. McGinnis, Jr.
Microsoft Matching Gifts
Michael C. '66 and Carol A. Miller
Robert M. Moses
Novartis US Foundation
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
Evan W. '07 and Christina E. Prall
Walter P. '77 and Nancy G. Rogers III
Barth Rubin
Seven Mountains Media
Marcia G. Welsh and Louis Terracio
Todd and Shari Nelson Family Foundation, Inc. 
Richard D. Vroman '67 and Danna Yoder Vroman '68
Melinda Sue Vyskocil
Susan L. '90 and Desmond Walton
Jeffrey I. Wilson '86 M'92
Randy Yanoshak

President's Circle ($1,500 to $4,999)

Thomas A. '62 and Rebecca A. '72 Barrow
Blake D. and Donna B. Bender
Barbara J. Bennett '76
Ronald S. Bennett
Adam Bergen
Max T. Bergen and Sarah Azizi
Robert L. Berkowitz
Angelo F. Borzio, Jr. '95 M'02
Donald R. and Dolores B. Bortz
Braveheart Enterprises, LLC
David A. Bubak '80
Cedric D. '87 and In Suk Bullock
Robert J. '78 and Karen I. Bydlon
Camelback Resort
James A. '76 and Tracy Cantafio
Thomas C. Capezio '71
Chaos Softball
Cluck University Chicken
Mark J. '84 and Michelle Clements
Bill Colavito
Donald Conklin and Kimberly Sisson Conklin
Sonya K. Cole and Horace S. Cole '63*
Columbia Associates McDonald's
Mitchell L. Cordova '92
Donald L. '55 and Nancy A. Cornman
Cramer's Home Building Centers
Patricia M. and David W. Crotty
Charlotte E. '83 and Quentin P. Currie
Chester W. Dalgewicz '67 M'74
Douglas L. Dalrymple
Derailed Tap House Corporation
Jeffrey D. '79 and Susan E. Detzi
John T. DeVivo
MaryEllen '80 and Kevin J. Dickey
Kathy B. '70 and Lawrence Dildine
Nicholas A. DiGregory '76
John and Karen Diggins
Direct Mail Service & Press, Inc. 
Patrick J. '77 and Cathy Diskin
Dockside Properties, LLC
Joseph M. '86 and Cindy L. Domosh
Sharyne M. Donfield '73 and Herman E. Mitchell
Anthony L. '76 and Ellen S. Drago
Emerald Advisors, LLC
Pamela M. Evans '78 M'85
Exelon Foundation
Dolores S. Faust '66 M'69
Joseph T. Ferry '03
Fiduciary Trust International, Pennsylvania Region
Richard F. Flaherty '68
Jayson C. Frank '08
Frank Snyder & Son's Monuments
Frontcourt Group
Fruit-A-Bowls on Crystal Street, LLC
GAK Construction
Alfredo E. '03 and Jennifer Garcia
Heather M. Garrison '95 M'98
Deborah Grace
Great Wolf Lodge
Patricia Graham
Thomas J. Grayuski '84
Nancy Jo Greenawalt
Lucas and Sheena Haan
Raymond L. '86 and Zoraya Hamlin
Larry A. Helwig '90
Heverin Financial Services
Joseph C. '63 and Joanne P. '64 Heverin, Jr.
Robert J. Houser, Jr. '69
Hudson Hardwood Flooring
Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley
Jennifer L. M'98 and Steven C. '96 Hynes
Jorene Jameson '69 and James Wylie
Wendy A. Jankoski '82 and Paul Lapinski
Jimmy's Ice Cream
Eileen P. '79 and James G. Kaiser
Arthur Keith
Bob D. Kelly
Dawn Ketterman-Benner '70
Gerald D. '59 and Gloria J. Keyser
G. Douglas and Theresa A. Kraft
Joseph F. Lalli
Marguerite A. Lawrence '96
Judith A. '76 M'86 and James H. Leiding
Francine S. '65 and Robert H. Lewis
William J. '63 and Sandra F. '64 Lewis
Kenneth and Evelyn Long
Loyal Order Moose Lodge #1336
Stephen A. '62 and Jeannie Luckey
Kenneth E. Maclary
Michael D. '97 and Jennifer Mancuso
Mary-Carol Mason '62
Helen P. McEntire
Kathryn A. McLaughlin Waltz '70
Gregory J. and Elizabeth S. Menio
Maury J. Molin '76
Eileen M. Moser Portz-Shovlin '69 and Robert J. Shovlin
Mount Airy Casino Resort
James E. and Constance G. Moyer
Frank T. '75 and Doreen Newby
Bryan M. '04 and Bernadette O'Neill
Jerry and Hedy Orodenker
Angelo and Kathleen A. Ortenzi
Joni Maya Oye-Benintende
Trevin J. Panaia '97 and Kari L. Yodice-Panaia '95
Kenneth W. Parrish '07
Tameko Patterson
Mark J. Peters
Thomas A. Petro '72 and Ann Hayes-Petro
Physical Therapy Associates of NE PA, Inc. 
Pocono Lions Club
Mary Frances Postupack M'93
Bernard J. '81 and Kathy Povanda
Deborah E. Prince
Prudential Retirement
Frank M. '73 M'76* and Nancy Pullo
Anthony D. '82 and Christine D. Mahon
Elizabeth A. Makar
John B. and Cynthia Makar
Johnathan L. Makar
Members 1st Federal Credit Union
Clavertis D. and Charlene Miller
Deborah Newlin Smith '75
Lois B. '78 and Richard J. Rawson
Glenn F. '69 M'78 and Sue Ann Reibman
Rockwood Programs
Kathleen R. Robbins Ray '69 and Glen R. Ray '66 M'71
Michael D. '00 and Kerri M. Rhine
Larry M. '58 M'64 and Barbara Rymon
David M. '81 and Janet G. Sanko
Richard D. and Katherine D. M'22 Santoro
Sarah Street Grill
Christopher A. Sarajian
Robert M. Sawicki
Paul and Judy Schuchman
Darrin Shaffer
Shawnee Inn, Inc. 
Ski Shawnee, Inc. 
Lauretta A. '81 and Gregory E. '80 M'93 Shoemaker
Jeffrey D. Shrive '09
Neal H. and Joyce L. Simpson
Frank L. '73 and Sandra D. Snyder, Jr.
Shelley A. Speirs '92 and Gayland Aston '94 M'01
Carol D. Stem
Carol A. Stokes '73
David A. Super '80 and Ann Rapoch-Super
Susquehanna Valley Sports, Inc. 
Robert G. Sutton and Linda L. DeRenzis-Sutton
Ashlee R. '06 and Michael "Jimmy" '07 Terwilliger
J. Michael '78 and Kim M. '76 Terwilliger
Matthew Thanakit
John R. '69 M'73 and Pamela J. '70 Thatcher
The Funding Zone, LLC
The William T. Morris Foundation
TIAA Charitable Gift Fund
Robert J. '65 and Patty J. Tonkin
Doreen M. Tobin
Gregory M. Tymon '93 M'95 M'01
Urology Associates of the Poconos
Robert W. Veneziale
Ryan L. '15 and Jamie L. Vermillion
Craig S. Vondercrone '99
Brent I. Voynar '95 M'97
Ellen M. Walker
Faith H. Waters and Edward C. Kimes
Nancy L. Weaver '74 M'78
Jeffrey and Audrey Weber
Daniel L. and Judith A. Weller
Leslie L. '74 and Pat W. Wilson
Robert H. '75 and Julieann Willever
Raymond J. '81 M'88 and Cheryl L. Yakavonis
Wenjie Yan
Cem Zeytinoglu

Names listed in bold are members of the President’s Circle. *Deceased; Italics: Gift in kind