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Parents Honor Roll

In recognition of all parents who have made a contribution in fiscal year 2021-2022.

Mike Ajjan
Brian A. Almoney
Kristoffer S. and Tanya M. Arner
Douglas A. and Crystal N. Banks, Sr.
Sandra A. Barrow '63
Lori J. '90 and Terry R. '89 M'99 Barry
Brandon Bartholomew
Elizabeth D. Baver '03
Ann Bedrosian
William E. M'90 and Anna K. Below
Blake D. and Donna B. Bender
Lori K. Bergen '81
Marsha R. Bidoglio '74
Chuck Bierlein '70
Dale A. '81 and Kathleen M. '82 Blum
Wayne A. Bolt
James F. '71 and Cheryl L. '76 Borbidge
Nicole Bowe
Milton Boyd
John F. '02 and Joanne N. Boyle
Richard E. and Rae Ann Bromirski
Jack R. '81 and Diane J. '80 Brunner
Ellen and Michael S. Caleen
Michael A. Carmella
Richard J. Carr
Edward P. and Maryann Cashman
Deena and Robert Cassella
Merysa R. Castera
Fabio Cecchin
Tahir and Rahella Chaudhry
Robert K. and Joanne Clothier
Rayleen Cometa
Jeffrey J. '86 and Julie Compell
Amy and Christopher Courter
William Coyle
Michael D. and Lauren L. Crampton
Bettyann '74 and John B. Creighton, Jr.
William C. Cuff '77
Robert C. and Jane L. Dailey
Anthony J. and Cheryl DeFazio
John D. '79 and Sandra M. M'96 Detzi
Jeffrey D. '79 and Susan E. Detzi
Jeanette and Louis A. Diberardino
Nicholas A. DiGregory '76
Kelli E. and Paul E. Donaghue, Jr.
Anthony L. '76 and Ellen S. Drago
George C. '91 M'93 and Joelle S. '92 '95 M'02 Fair III
Angelo C. and Linda R. Fanelli
J. David and Hinda Farmer
Doreen A. '74 and Vincent J. Fazzi
James C. and Debra A. Fish
Kevin and Ann-Marie Fitzsimmons
Susan and William Fox
Dana A. Frankenfield
Timothy Frey
Alan S. '72 and Joan F. Frick
Clifford H. and Elizabeth A. Funk
Karen J. '91 M'99 and Brian Gaita
Danny H. Gale and Patricia L. Gale
Stephen '75 and Kathleen F. Gambino
Heather M. Garrison '95 M'98
Linda Gay Beaty M'82
Todd Gensemer
Wendy S. Glassic
Elizabeth L. '73 and Samuel C. Goll
John Gorham
Susanne and Richard Govan
Deborah Grace
Ernest R. Gromlich '60
Scott J. Guidos
Keshia Guthrie
Kristin Guzinski
David A. '76 M'84 and Moira A. '77 Hair
James A. and Carol B. M'91 Hall
William G. Harmon '89
Edward F. and Linda A. Harpel
James D. and Arlene N. Harper
Kelly and Walter Harrison
Randall R. Hartinger
William and Theresa Hayth
Terry G. and Sandra L. Heiser
Kimberly J. Hill and Eric Bellan
James L. and Regina T. Hollar
Michael J. Hopper
Thomas A. '71 and Debra L. '75 Huber
Lori A. Packard Hull '88 and Christopher K. Hull '89
Linda and Frank Illes
Paul G. and Lynn B. Jacobs
Steven A. and Patricia C. Janicek
Anthea Jones
Bob '71 and Sandy Kelley
Jack and Lillian Kerns
Gary A. '77 and Debra G. '81 Kessel
Lewis J. '70 and Linda Kistler
James E. '97 and Kristin M. '97 Klass, Jr.
Dolores Klink
Joseph J. M'88 and Deborah A. Koch
Daniel E. and Kathleen M. Krapf
Richard D. and Susan Z. Krasley
Kevin M. '81 and Caroline A. '80 M'84 Kuchinski
Barry C. and Kathleen A. Kwasny
Joseph F. Lalli
Dien LeDuc
Mark L. Leonard
Charles A. and Karen L. Lingenfelter
Thomas S. '69 and Roberta J. '97 Long
John J. '65 and Palma Luchansky
Maryann Lugo
Virginia J. Lumley
John B. and Cynthia Makar
Sharon Maloney
Carol A. Manzi '92 and Jeffrey Manzi
Louis M. Margotta
Marc Marrone
Duane E. and Donna K. Marsh
Brian J. '82 and Sherry L. Marshall
Francis J. and Ann Marie E. Mason
Laura M. Mason-Caiazzo '85 M'89 and Ralph W. Caiazzo
Steven Mattia
Richard C. and Susan C. McCarty
William F. and Lisa M. McDonnell
Mary E. '72 and Garry A. '88 McFarland
Kelly L. M'94 and Robert M. McKenzie
John P. '70 M'89 and Denise Meck
Robert A. '78 and Ellen Marie '84 Meli
Donald R. and Mary Ann Metzgar
Suzanne S. Mueller Macintyre '69 M'73
Mary C. and Scott J. Meyer
Linda J. Michael '65
Maggie D. Milano
Carol E. Miller '74 M'91
Richard T. and Felicia J. Moore II
Jason Morrissey
Charles J. '64 M'66 and Anita K. Morton
Darleen and Robert Mostellar
Mary E. Mott-Cangemi '06
Daniel F. '96 and Julieann M. '14 Murray
Alfred K. and Darlene M. Myers
William C. '74 and Karen Navarre, Jr.
Neldell M. Negron
Linda and Kevin Nice
Ann Ligi Nicholas M'74 M'91
Kurt and Christina Nielsen
Stephen P. '78 and Robin L. '78 Olivetti
Jerry and Hedy Orodenker
Carol A. Oswald
Carol R. Owens '04
Steven and Ann M. Paolini
Alfred J. and Donna L. Parenti
William J. and Kathleen Parrish
Edwin A. Pashinski
Tameko Patterson
Patrick H. and Barbara A. Patterson
Michael Paul
Stella M. '74 and Walter N. Pawlowski
Michael T. '79 and Nancy Perruso
Linda D. '68 and John J. '66 Petronis
James S. and Patricia D. Phillips
Jonathan R. and Michelle N. Piatkiewicz
Edward Piripavel
Mark and Cheryl Pishock
Amy and Shawn Plumb
Frank J. and Judy Poalucci
James L. '89 M'96 and Monica M. Pokrivsak, Jr.
James J. '81 and Mari A. '81 Prudente
Fernando Ramos
Theresa Ray-Jones
Richard J. and Alisa M. Repetz
Barbara A. and Jesse P. Richardson III
Robert O. '71 and Deborah R. Roberts
Allyn J. and Correen L. Roche
Corey L. Roche
Richard J. '68 and Ruth A. '70 Rodeghiero
Nanette K. '82 and Scott A. Romagnoli
Robert C. and Mary Elise Ross
Patricia A. and Jay Rothenhausler
Alan R. '66 M'73 and Cynthia H. '67 Ruschman
Deborah A. '75 and Robert Ryan
Steven and Barbara Sacks
Richard K. Salch and Donna J. Salch '96
Christopher A. Sarajian
Gabriel J. and Gina R. Scala
Laurie S. '10 and John R. Schaller
Kelly A. and Stephen J. Schouppe
Ray and Debbie Schraer
Angelo R. and Suzanne Senese, Sr.
Bonnie S. '74 and Walter J. Senkow
Susan Z. '85 and Robert A. Shebelsky
Kelly Sheeley
Kathleen E. Shermetta '80
Richard C. and Ines Shoopack
Kathryn N. '70 and Jay Shumaker
Raymond and Penny Simpson, Jr.
Greg and Sandy Simpson
John C. Smith '74 M'84
William R. Smithson II '76 and Helen M. Smithson
Steven and Laura Snyder
George L. and Margaret M. Snyder
Andrew G. and Mary Ann Soltes, Sr.
Christopher E. Spencer
Carol D. Stem
Raymond C. Stern
Margaret L. Stish '64 M'67
Michael S. '74 and Dolores E. Sugra, Sr.
Jill A. '89 and James M. Takacs
James J. Tallarico '81 and Lourdes M. Kranick-Tallarico '81
William H. and Barbara A. Terry 
J. Michael '78 and Kim M. Terwilliger
Megan Timmons Nies and James Nies
Robert E. and Carolyn Todino
Jack H. and Sharon Truschel II
Todd M. '05 and Gail A. '86 Urland
Barbara L. '82 M'87 and Robert VanNortwick
James A. and Amy R. Vicendese
Beatriz and Roy F. '89 Viola
Lawrence P. and Bernardine Vojtko
Ellen M. Walker
David M. Wallner
James P. '75 and Susan J. Warner
Faith H. Waters and Edward C. Kimes
John F. '74 and Mary Jo Wehr
Heather C. and William E. Weirich
Gene D. White
N. James '62 and Janet T. '63 Wilde
Courtney Wodotinsky
Suzanne K. Wooby
Wrenton E. and Donna Wright
Grant Yoder
Cathie A. Young LaBar '69
Steven L. and Kim A. Zardet
Pamela M. '79 and Robert J. '71 Zbylicki
Joseph J. and Elizabeth M. Zbylicki
Rose Zigmund 

Names listed in bold are members of the President's Circle.
*Deceased; Italics: Gift in kind