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Take a walk on East Stroudsburg University’s campus today compared to one year ago and it is certainly an eye opener. Gone is the hustle and bustle and crowded sidewalks in between classes. The University Center where students gather, study and grab a bite to eat is quiet. Most classrooms are dark except for those where students must be onsite given the content of their coursework.

This is the result of our decision to provide primarily remote instruction in the midst of a pandemic but behind these optics, there is so much more taking place. Hundreds of classes are underway, students are learning, connecting with each other and faculty, and the resources they need to help complete their education remains intact thanks to your and many other’s continued generosity.

It’s my honor to serve as ESU’s interim president and more so, it’s a privilege to have a forum in the ESU Foundation’s 2019-2020 Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors to convey my thanks for all you do for ESU and our students. The partnership between the Foundation and University is critical to ensure academic and athletic programs are enhanced and improved and that student scholarships continue to thrive. That partnership extends to you, the most important part of the equation. Through your generosity and the Foundation’s stewardship of your gifts, ESU can continue to strive for excellence in the education we provide to students.

In 2019-2020, your support resulted in $6,634,649 in gifts and pledges. It also assisted in funding ongoing campaigns that benefit our student- athletes, academic programs and students in critical need of financial assistance when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to quickly adapt to all-online learning. The details of these campaigns can be found within this publication, along with other highlights and events that made 2019-2020 memorable for us all.

Also within these pages are the names of thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations who made a commitment to ESU and our students in 2019-2020. Given the extraordinary circumstances presented to the entire country in March 2020, our gratitude goes deeper. You faced your own challenges in life, health, and safety, and you selflessly gave more to ensure our students didn’t face uncertainty alone.

While we will continue with the majority of instruction remote for spring 2021 to keep our campus and regional communities safe and healthy, hope remains that ESU will be flourishing with students and activities as the year progresses. I ask you to stay by our side and help us maintain a strong and constant Warrior spirit. Above all, thank you for your support and I wish you and loved ones safety and good health in the year to come.