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Student Honor Roll

In recognition of all students who contributed during the fiscal year 2019-2020.

Joseph T. Baran, Class of 2020
Nancy K. Boyer, Class of 2020
Isaiah K. Clemens, Class of 2020
Annalise Cole, Class of 2021
Michael Cuff, Jr. '16, Graduate Student
Nicholas J. D'Angelo, Graduate Student
Marissa Govan, Class of 2021
Mickayla Grow, Class of 2020
Kaylee Hazewski, Class of 2020
Makenley Jean, Class of 2020
Michelle M. Keiper, Class of 2021
Dennis R. Kergick '85, Doctoral Student
Brielle S. Kessel '14, Graduate Student
MacKenzie C. Lewis, Class of 2021
Sarah LiCari, Class of 2020
Darshana P. Mahadev, Class of 2022
Erica N. Molinaro, Class of 2020
Matthew Molisso, Class of 2021
Richard Oliver, Jr., Class of 2020
Tatyana S. Petteway, Class of 2020
Joshua R. Powell, Class of 2021
Marah Range, Class of 2021
Elizabeth A. Reeves '19, Graduate Student
Conrad J. Richman, Class of 2020
Katherine Santoro, Graduate Student
Christina J. Steffy, Graduate Student
Shaquille N. Stephenson ’17, Graduate Student
Nathan C. Strunk, Class of 2023
Daniel Truskowski, Class of 2020

Names listed in bold are members of the President's Circle.
*Deceased; Italics: Gift in kind