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Parents Honor Roll

In recognition of all parents who contributed during the fiscal year 2019-2020.

Cindy Allie
Kenneth L. and Luise T. Anders
John A. and Susanne M. Armbrust II
Aaron B. '78 and Kathleen M. '90 M'05
Balch Sandra A. Barrow '63
Lori J. '90 and Terry R. '89 M'99
Barry Elizabeth D. Baver '03
William E. M'90 and Anna K. Below
Gloria A. Bench '66 M'01
Marsha R. Bidoglio '74
Dale A. '81 and Kathleen M. '82 Blum
Wayne A. Bolt
Tim and Amy Bonewit
James F. '71 and Cheryl L. '76 Borbidge
Jack R. '81 and Diane J. '80 Brunner
Carolyn A. M'97 and David Buckley
Teri L. Burcroff
Janice D. Burney
Christian V. Campbell '64
Elaine R. Campbell '94 M'99
James Campbell
Elzar and Carolyn V. Camper, Jr.
Michael A. Carmella
Richard J. Carr
Edward P. and Maryann Cashman
David B. Castor
Robert K. and Joanne Clothier
Charles A. '84 and Marilou A. Conklin II
Charlene M. Cooney
Bettyann '74 and Jack Creighton
Robert C. and Jane L. Dailey
Linda L. '72 and Michael C. DeCosmo
Karen M. DeMatteo
Ralph S. '60 and Camille Demech
Joyce H. '85 and Thomas J. DeSchriver
Jeffrey D. '79 and Susan E. Detzi
Karl '63 M'71 and Sandra Dickl
Nicholas A. DiGregory '76
Anthony L. '76 and Ellen S. Drago
Doreen A. '74 and Vincent Fazzi
David B. '81 and Shirley L. Fenner
Alan S. '72 and Joan F. Frick
Stephen J. '75 and Kathleen F. Gambino
Heather M. Garrison '95 M'98
Wendy S. Glassic
Elizabeth L. '73 and Samuel C. Goll
Richard and Susanne Govan
Deborah Grace
David A. '76 M'84 and Moira A. '77 Hair
James A. and Carol B. M'91 Hall
Roger E. and Jane S. Hammond
Edward F. and Linda A. Harpel
James D. and Arlene N. Harper
Harrison G. and Dolores M. Hartman
William and Theresa Hayth
Terry G. and Sandra L. Heiser
James L. and Regina T. Hollar
Thomas A. '71 and Debra L. '75 Huber
Steven A. and Patricia C. Janicek
Lynn '80 and Harold Judge
John and Adrienne G. Juskalian, Jr.
Bob A. '71 and Sandy Kelley
John W. and Lillian Kerns
Gary A. '77 and Debra G. '81 Kessel
Lewis J. '70 and Linda Kistler
Richard J. and Dolores Klink
Kenneth G. '69 and Karen M. '79 Koberlein
Marguerite Koetzner '58
Kevin M. '81 and Caroline A. '80 M'84  Kuchinski
Deborah A. Kulick '80
Barry C. and Kathleen A. Kwasny
Eleanor P. Laubner '63
R. Griggs '87 and Judeth A. Levy
Mark E. and Wendy Lichty
Ann Ligi M'74 M'91
Charles A. and Karen L. Lingenfelter
Thomas S. '69 and Roberta J. '97 Long
Maryann Lugo
Virginia J. Lumley
Suzanne S. Macintyre '69 M'73
Paula Maloney
Armand M. '80 and Amy R. Martinelli
Francis J. and Ann Marie E. Mason
Richard C. and Susan C. McCarty
William F. and Lisa M. McDonnell
Mary E. '72 and Garry A. '88 McFarland
Melanie McGuire
Joanne McMaster
John A. '69 and Ellen McMasters
J. Douglas '67 M'69 and Marilyn McNamee
John P. '70 M'89 and Denise Meck
Robert A. '78 and Ellen Marie '84 Meli
Linda J. Michael '65 Carol E. Miller '74 M'91
Charles J. '64 M'66 and Anita K. Morton
Michael Mulligan
Daniel F. '96 and Julieann M '14 Murray
Fred K. and Darlene M. Myers
Stephen P. '78 and Robin L. '78 Olivetti
Jerry and Hedy Orodenker
John W. and Joan Oszvart
Carol R. '04 and James Owens
Steven and Ann M. Paolini
William J. and Kathleen Parrish
Stella M. '74 and Walter N. Pawlowski
Michael T. '79 and Nancy Perruso
Frank J. and Judy Poalucci
James L. '89 M'96 and Monica M. Pokrivsak
Mari A. '81 and James J. '81 Prudente
Brenda S. Roberts
Robert O. '71 and Deborah Roberts
Allesson I. Rode
Richard J. '68 and Ruth A. '70 Rodeghiero
Nanette K. '82 and Scott A. Romagnoli
Nancy J. Ross
Robert C. and Mary Elise Ross
Alan R. '66 M'73 and Cynthia H. '67 Ruschman
Steven and Barbara Sacks
Laurie S. '10 and John R. Schaller
David M. '75 and Patricia A. Scott
Angelo R. and Suzanne Senese
Bonnie S. '74 and Walter J. Senkow
Andrew J. and Kathleen Serwin
Susan Z. '85 and Robert A. Shebelsky
Kathleen E. Shermetta '80
Richard C. and Ines Shoopack
Kathryn N. '70 and Jay Shumaker
Raymond and Penny Simpson, Jr.
Susan S. Sleichter
William R. '76 and Helen M. Smithson II
George L. and Margaret M. Snyder
Patricia J. Snyder*
Steven and Laura Snyder
Michael S. '74 and Dolores E. Sugra, Sr.
William H. and Barbara A. Terry
James M. Tetley '75
Michael and Judi Tiberi
Robert E. and Carolyn Todino
David G. and Robin S. Trainer
Jack H. and Sharon Truschel II
Barbara L. '82 M'87 and Robert VanNortwick
Kevin M. Vatalaro
Teresa A. Vatalaro
Dennis L. '76 and Geri L. Vavra
James A. and Amy R. Vicendese
Lawrence P. and Bernardine Vojtko
Ellen and William D.* Walker
David M. Wallner
Patrick Ward
James P. '75 and Susan J. Warner
Debra T. Wassel
Faith H. Waters and Edward C. Kimes
Gene D. White
Juana and Andrew R. Wolosz
Cathie A. Young LaBar '69
Joseph J. and Elizabeth M. Zbylicki
Pamela M. '79 and Robert J. '71 Zbylicki
Christine A. '88 and Ronald Zipp

Names listed in bold are members of the President's Circle.
*Deceased; Italics: Gift in kind