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Faculty & Staff Honor Roll

(Current, Retired, Emeritus)

In recognition of all faculty and staff who contributed during the fiscal year 2020-2021.

Joseph A. Akob
Mary B. Allen
Nina J. '08 and Ronald A. Atanesian
Mary Sue '60 M'69 and Louis A. Balducci
Miguel V. and Ruth Barbosa
Terry R. '89 M'99 and Lori J. '90 Barry
Andra Basu
Nurun N. Begum
Todd A. Behr
Allan N. and 
Katherine M. '10 Benn
Robert L. Berkowitz
Jamie Bisbing
Donald R. and Dolores B. Bortz
Nancy K. Boyer '20
Emily K. Brennan and Jason Ascher
William Broun
Donna R. Bulzoni
Terence J. and Bonnie Callaghan
Elzar and Carolyn V. Camper, Jr.
Olivia M. Carducci
Diane A. Carlin
Tanya M. Carmella-Beers '88 M'91 and King W. Beers, Jr.
Joseph F. '70 and Judy A. '69 Catanzaro
Maria S. and Robert Cohen
Charles M. '80 M'95 and Madeline A. '79 M'92 Constantine
Patricia M. and David W. Crotty
Matthew J. Curran '60
Quentin P. and Charlotte E. '83 Currie
Jan M. and Scott Dalton
Melissa M. and Michael J. Davis
Michael C. and Linda L. '72 DeCosmo
Brenda M. Delarm
Domenic J. Dellipriscoli '93 M'95
Lianna '08 and Scott DeSantis
Melanie J. Deuerlein '16
Stacy DeVivo
Susan Dillmuth-Miller
Caroline M. DiPipi-Hoy
Marie M. Donaghay
Dennis C. and Judith G. Douds
Anthony L. '76 and Ellen S. Drago
Thomas S. Ducatte M'81
Erica J. Dymond
Johan L. Eliasson
James A. and Gretchen Fagin
Darlene D. Farris-LaBar
Kathleen M. '72 and Dennis W. '70 M'76 Foster
Stephanie E. French
Brenda E. Friday
Laura Fuentes
Karen J. '91 M'99 and Brian Gaita
Jayme Galdieri
Heather M. Garrison '95 M'98
Justin P. Germani
James E. Gilbert
Sarah J. and Deanne G. '80 Goodrich
Patricia Graham
Gary R. and Cami Gray
Michael P. '90 M'91 and Sandra L. '91 Gray
Bonnie A. Green
Nancy Jo Greenawalt
Philip A. Griswold
Jeffrey W. Hardy
Edward F. and Linda A. Harpel
Harrison G. and Dolores M. Hartman
Toni Heller
Selena Hines
Jan L. '97 and Raymond M. '94 Hoffman
Jeffrey P. Hotz
Shixiong Hu
Leon S. and Luciana John, Jr.
Michelle M. and Douglas W. Keiper
Bob A. '71 and Sandy Kelley
Bo L. Keppel
C. David Kern '58
Maria E. Kitchens-Kintz
Gregory J. Knowlden M'04
Joseph J. M'88 and Deborah A. Koch
John F. Kochmansky and Shala E. Davis
Morgan A. Koerber '18
Dawn Y. Kohl '89
Stephen Kolcun
John W. and Marcella J. Kraybill-Greggo
James H. and Judith A. '76 M'86 Leiding
Clare M. Lenhart
Ann Ligi Nicholas M'74 M'91
Alexander R. and Theresa G. Lincoln
Paul Lippert
Kenneth and Evelyn Long
Karen E. Lucas
Maryann Lugo
Frank J. '62, Sr. and Beverly Lupin
Lloyd L. '72 and Sharon C. '73 Lyter
LuAnn '82 and Robert J. '83 M'91 Magnuson
Elaine K. Makosky '87
Stacey and Loretta Marshall
Vertel T. Martin
David Mazure
Andi M. McClanahan
Adam McGlynn
Kim L. McKay '84 and Frederick D. Misurella
Kelly L. M'94 and Robert M. McKenzie
Suzanne S. Mueller Macintyre '69 M'73
Ronald J. Meyers
Carol L. Miller '81
Sandra K. Miller M'88
Matthew R. '03 M'04 and Tanya M. '08 Miltenberger
Janet F. Mishkin M'86
Irene Mitchel*
Deborah Morgan
Robert M. Moses
Margaret M. Mullan
Shawn N. Munford M'04
Clarence J. and Elizabeth Murphy
Pattabiraman Neelakantan
Anibal A. Nieves
Steven P. M'04 and Angela M. '01 O'Hara
M. Lourdes O'Kane
Mary Jane '69 and Carl A. '64 O'Merle
Caitlin L. Ord '07 M'08
Angelo and Kathleen A. Ortenzi
Joni Maya Oye-Benintende
William J. and Kathleen Parrish
Kathy J. Perrine
Mary Frances Postupack M'93
Deborah E. Prince
Peter E. Pruim and Margaret J. Ball
Frank M. '73 M'76 and Nancy Pullo
Samuel E. and Anna Quainoo
Balakrishna R. and Nalini Rao
Joanne M. Riebel '58 M'74
Charles P. and Melissa C. Ritchie
Nicole A. Rogai
Gerard D. Rozea '96 M'97
Richard A. D'17 and Kerri A. '99 M'06 Ruck
Connor M. Saker '15
Richard D. and Katherine D. Santoro
Laurie S. '10 and John R. Schaller
Jessica L. Schultz '16
Denise M. and William Seigart
Scott E. Semerod and Nina Patton-Semerod
Angelo R. and Suzanne Senese, Sr.
Cornelia V. Sewell-Allen
Jerome W. Sheska '68 M'81
Steven E. Shive M'97
Gregory E. '80 M'93 and Lauretta A. '81 Shoemaker
Elaine M. Shuey
William M. and Ingrid M. Sidlosky
Neal H. and Joyce L. Simpson
Patricia S. and John W. Smeaton
E. Leigh Smith and Louise Daileigh
Brandon W. Snyder ’12 M'13
Beth R. and John Sockman
Santiago Solis
Shelley A. Speirs '92 and Gayland Aston '94 M'01
Lawrence and Linda J. Squeri
Lauren Stemler
Margaret L. Stish '64 M'67
Robert G. Sutton and Linda L. DeRenzis-Sutton
Thomas J. and Lisa Ann Tauer
James and Melissa L. '90 M'93 Taylor
J. Michael '78 and Kim M. '76 Terwilliger
Michael "Jimmy" J. '07 and Ashlee R. '06 Terwilliger
John R. '69 M'73 and Pamela J. '70 Thatcher
Doreen M. Tobin
Gail and Gary Toscano
Jack H. and Sharon Truschel II
Lois E. Wagner M'71
Jeffrey S. and Lynn Walters
Charles R. and Sherry B. '92 Warner
Faith H. Waters and Edward C. Kimes
Nancy L. Weaver '74 M'78
Jeffrey and Audrey Weber
Kristopher Weeks
Daniel L. and Judith A. Weller
Marcia G. Welsh and Louis Terracio
Adrienne J. and Alan I. Westheim
Howard P. Whidden
Artress White
Gene D. White
Jennifer L. White
Caryn and Brian Wilkie
Phyllis A. Williams '65
Jeffrey I. Wilson '86 M'92
Allyson Wind
Chad A. Witmer '95 M'98 and Tanya M. Durkay-Witmer '05
Jaime L. Wohlbach
Katrin A. Wolfe
Wenjie Yan
Sally A. Yorke-Viney M'93 and Malcolm C. Viney
Cem Zeytinoglu
Peng Zhang and Fan Yang

Names listed in bold are members of the President’s Circle. *Deceased; Italics: Gift in kind