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2020-2021 Annual Report

For nearly 35 years, the East Stroudsburg University Foundation has served ESU and its students, helping ensure the academic, athletic and higher education experience is the best possible. As an alumnus, former member of the Council of Trustees, and chairman of the Foundation Board of Directors for the past eight years, I can assure you it is quite personal to me that we continue to do our utmost for ESU students. As an ESU Warrior myself, the pride I have for my alma mater is immense and it’s an honor to be a part of the Foundation’s mission. In all we do, the approach is student centered - that every student with a desire to learn should have the resources available to pursue their education.

We likely can all agree the past year has been one of uncharted territory for the non-profit world and the ESU Foundation is no exception. How would a global pandemic impact our students, our donors and the larger ESU community? In fact, how could we expect you to selflessly give when the outlook was so uncertain? I am delighted to share that you didn’t blink when we asked for your help, resulting in the Foundation securing more than $3.5 million in total gifts and pledges in fiscal year 2020-2021.

Within the pages of this Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors you will learn how gifts like yours have a tremendous impact on our ability to provide scholarship support to students. Their stories are what keep us motivated to strive for more. You’ll see the results of alumni coming together to fundraise for a program near and dear to their hearts as well as the names of thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations who answered the call when asked.

Not only do I need to thank every one of you for your support, I also must extend my gratitude to the ESU administration and campus community for partnering with the Foundation in so many aspects. Through collaboration on programs, projects and campaigns, we are able to learn the university’s needs and fundraise accordingly and, more importantly, successfully.

I’d also like to thank my fellow board members for their commitment and dedication to the Foundation and University. They give 100 percent – in time, talent and treasure – to ESU and its students and we could not have overcome the past year’s challenges without their input and support. The same goes for the Foundation leadership team and staff that works in the trenches to bring campaigns to life, accounts for the funds raised, and thanks and stewards our donors for their never-ending generosity.

Now deep into the new fiscal year, we are excited for perhaps more normalcy and reconnecting with one another in person. In the meantime, please accept my and the board’s thanks for standing by the ESU Foundation. We greatly appreciate your generosity, partnership and most of all, your friendship.