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Creating a place built on WARRIOR PRIDE

Football locker room campaign surpasses expectations

An image of the guest team locker room prior to construction. The space was larger than the existing home team locker room, prompting planners to use that space instead.

You WIN in the Locker Room First, a $750,000 fundraising campaign launched by the ESU Foundation and the Department of Athletics to build a new football locker room in Koehler Fieldhouse, was completed, surpassing its goal and raising over $860,000. The campaign kicked off on Oct. 8, 2020, with a virtual event that invited more than 100 alumni and friends of the program to learn more about the project. A 17-member fundraising committee was tasked with reaching out to alumni and friends, led by co-chairs Pat Flaherty ’78 and Mike Terwilliger ’78.

Construction of the new locker room is near completion. It is located in the old space previously used by visiting teams in Koehler Fieldhouse and is larger than the team’s current facility. The upgraded facilities include 26-inch wide, open cherry-wood lockers with LED lighting, replacing the existing grey metal lockers, a cell phone charging station, an equipment drying system on top of each locker, and a speaker system to pump music throughout the space. There is also an academic center where players can work on assignments.

The new facility reflects ESU’s dedication to the players, team, and program, said Dr. Gary R. Gray, ESU’s director of Intercollegiate Athletics. "We're providing the student-athletes with a comfortable new environment. It’s not just a locker room—it’s a team room. The players spend a lot of time in there. The new space tells them we’re committed to the program and committed to their success,” Gray said. The space includes seven named areas, including the academic center and coaches’ space. All the lockers have been sold and will contain a plaque bearing the name of a campaign donor.

Rich Santoro, executive director of the ESU Foundation, said the swiftness of the fundraising shows the dedication and loyalty of ESU alumni.

“To hit our goal at the six-month mark is pretty much unheard of. The [football] program is one that has stayed in touch with their alumni over the years. We had donations from every generation—basically the 1960’s through recent graduates in 2020. It was everything you want in a campaign. We had more than 200 former players step forward and make this a reality. When we do the ribbon cutting/dedication, a lot of people will be very pleased. We’re excited to bring all of our donors back to celebrate.”

Warriors Head Coach Jimmy Terwilliger ’07, left, with TJ Burger of FastSigns of Easton, Pa., during a visit to assess the space in the new football locker room. Near completion, the locker room will include multiple named spaces donated by alumni and friends of the program.

All parties were committed to creating a space that reflects pride of place and pride of people who occupy that place. People care about East Stroudsburg. The alumni base is extremely proud. The football alumni would do what they had to do to make the team a championship contender.

– Warriors Head Coach Jimmy Terwilliger ’07

East Stroudsburg University and the East Stroudsburg University Foundation thank these major contributors to the football locker room campaign

$100,000 OR MORE


$50,000 OR MORE

Douglas S. '94 and Melissa A. Leonzi

$25,000 OR MORE

Greg V. '94* and Kristina L. '04 Garzio

$10,000 OR MORE

Ron and Jane Bennett
Dr. Anthony L. '76 and Ellen S. Drago
Pat Flaherty '78 M'84
The Garver Family
Steven C. '94 and Jennifer L. '97 Hynes
Michael D. '97 and Jennifer Mancuso
Fred '63 and Betsy Reinhard '62 Masenheimer
The Pry Family
Duane VanFleet Family
Brent Voynar '95 M'97

$5,000 OR MORE

A Proud Alumnus 
1968 Championship Team
Gregory Altmajer '98 
Joe '65 and Dorothy Bahnatka
Zachary S. '06 M'14 and Colleen E. '12 M'14 Baltz
Peachy Barkman
Rece Bender '21 and Family
The Bergen Family
Bob '78 and Karen Bydlon
James Cantafio '76 
Pinch '84 and The Clements Family
Daniel Creasy '18 
Quentin and Charlotte Currie
Jeffrey D. '79 and Susan E. Detzi
John D. '79 and Sandra M. M'96 Detzi
Joseph D. '79 and Brenda Detzi
John T. DeVivo
Coach Denny and Judy Douds
The Fuhrman Family ‘82
Dan Gale Jr., '06 
Chris Gerhard '88 M'07
Sam Ghanayem and Family
Dennis Gorman '78 
Thomas J. Grayuski '84
Tim Green '97
Thomas J. Hart '78
Larry A. Helwig '90
Joe '63 and Joanne '64 Heverin
The Hiestand Family
The Hull Boys
Stephen E. Jackson '72 and Gregory A. Jackson '01 
John R. Jeffries '04 M'08
Mark Kalo '11
Zachary A. Krise '10
Dr. Jim and Judi Leiding '76 M'86 
Rick Jones '78 and 
Rhonda Jones Levy '75 
Bill ’63 and Sandy ’64 Lewis 
Anthony Marrone '21 and Family
Brian '82 and Matt '11 Marshall 
Andrew C. Marsteller '05
Doug McNamee '67 M'69
Menton and Urrico Family
Fred Miller, Esq. '86 and Jim Miller, P.E. '91 
Jim Miller '87 and Stephanie (Winge) Miller '88
Gregory J. Munch '06
Daniel Murray '96 
Ed Myers '94 M'96 
Kevin Nagle '00 
Ken Parrish '07 
Ryan and Meghan '08 Parsons and The Johnson Family '79 '11
The Petercuskie Family: Wife Dorothy and Sons John, Jerry, Gary
Mark and Kathryn Peters
Damian Poalucci '98 and Family
Evan Prall '07 
Sean A. Roth '16
Arthur R. '62 and Fannie A. '62 Schisler
Ernie '90 and Angela Sebastianelli
Angelo R. and Suzanne Senese
Brendan Shaffer
James L. Snyder '81
The Soltes Family: Andy ’85, Matt ’15, Tyler ’19 
Adam S. '00 M'02 and Erin Stauffer
The Stem Family
Harold Strunk '78 
Thomas Sugden '08 and Tim Roken '09
Doc and Linda Sutton
Jimmy '07 and Ashlee R. '06 Terwilliger
Mike '78 and Kim '76 Terwilliger
The Vermillion Family
Mike Wallick '97 
LtCol Ron Watson USMC (Ret) '76 and Liz Watson
Dan Weller D Line Coach
Marcia G. Welsh, Ph.D., and Louis Terracio, Ph.D.
Coach Jim Wenker '84
Orlando L. Williams '97 
Raymond J. '81 M'88 and Cheryl L. Yakavonis
Jason Zinn '00

$2,500 OR MORE

Joe Bahling '01 
Doug and Crystal Banks Sr. and Family
David J. Biever '09
Roger M. Christman '75
Daniel Crozier '08 
Jayson Frank '08
Gary W. and Nancy L. Garver, Sr.
J. D. Granger '00 
Dave ’95 and 
Michelle Wilds ’94 Hahn
Matthew F. Krzysik '82
Hank Kunkel '73 
Brian Miller '02 M'07
Richard G. Nicolais '75
David M. '08 M'14 and Mary Beth '09 Pacchioni
Tom Palubinski '78
Kevin Price '93
Josh Przywara '14
Doug Rhoads '78 #47
Lou Schiavetta '78 and Family
Mike Serafin '02 
Jeffrey D. Shrive '09
Frank Snyder '73
Mike Stambaugh '76
Tim Strenfel '05 
Craig Summers '83
Bobby Swift '95 
Jim Tallarico '81
Zach Toomey '07 
Howie Weiss '83

$1,000 OR MORE

In memory of Ralph Althouse
Anonymous (2)
Mike Augustin '86
Dustin Barno '03 
Nick Beisker '03
Scott Benoit '85 
Art Boorujy '79 
Henry Breckenridge '06
Sterling '61 M'64 and Virgina Brown '61
Warren Brown '80
John Brunner '60 
Bill Campbell '84 
Jack Childs '67 
H. Tracy Coleman '86
Gayle D. Confer '67 
Robert F. Cormack '74 
Bruce L. Coyer, Esq. '76 
Gina DiBenedetto '94
Anthony Donato '76 
Vic Fangio '80
Tom Ferguson '91 
Dan Gechter '81
Bobby Gelatko '67 
Paul E. Grube '74
Drake Hall '85 M'90
Jan D. Hall '65 
Erik Hansson '96 
Rod A. Harter '76
Steven M. Jones '14 
Tom Karabinus '70 
Tom Kearney '75
Gerald D. '59 and 
Gloria J. Keyser
Roy '79 and Marie Kleshefsky
Carl-Eric Larson '77 
Bob Lester '72
Dennis Long '17 
Frank J. Lupin '62 
Zachary McDowell, M.D. '08
Jamie Meier '81
John Mesko '87 
Richard '61 and 
Karin '62 Michael Roy Miller '67
Maury J. Molin '76
Michael C. Motsko '07
Bill Navarre '74
Ed Neumann '64
Fred O'Connor '62 
Jeremy Palm '03 and Family
Matthew Parrello '05
Tom Petro '72
Bernie Povanda '81 
John R. Procopio '71
Bill Race '62 
Matthew Rapa '05 
Glen '66 and Kathy '70 Ray
Head Coach Charles Reese 
Stephen M. Reese '76 
Michael Reichwein ‘86
Mike Rhine '00
Richard Rose '76
Robert J. Ruckdeschel '90
Robert W. '66 and Carol Ruckdeschel
Joe Ruggiero '18
James Sacco '96 
Donnie '61 and Sandi '61 Schleicher
The Schwartz Family: 
Robert Schwartz '86 and Ginny Schwartz Cataldo '80 
The Bill Scott Family
John F. "Jack" Shaughnessy '82
Jack Shoemaker '72
Ernie Siegrist '84 M'89
Walt Snyder '61
William F. Strube Jr. '65 
Roy '79 and Sandi Sussman 
Ryan Swan '07 
Thomas E. '13 and Christie L. '13 Tippett
Alex Todoroff '81 
Bob Tonkin '65
Jimmy Villani '80 
Brian Violante '06
Dom Violi '82
Thomas Washburn '65
Andrew Whittington '79 
Jason Wimmer '03 
Dick Wolslayer '61 
Dick Zimmer '60 
Patrick Zwanch '89
Zac '16, Tyler '16 and All the Ball Boys