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Student Honor Roll

In recognition of all students who have made a contribution in fiscal year 2020-2021.

Brooke O. Bender, Class of 2023
Kaitlyn M. Caleen, Class of 2021
Sofia Cecchin, Graduate Student
John Chapman, Class of 2024
Gianna G. Coyle, Class of 2023
Shannon Dwyer, Class of 2024
Eric J. Falleni, Class of 2024
Cooper Gehring, Class of 2024
Brandon Goodlavage, Graduate Student
Marissa A. Govan, Class of 2021
Carly J. Gregas '19, Graduate Student
Mickayla L. Grow, Class of 2021
Erin K. Guilfoyle, Class of 2023
Jan L. Hoffman '97, Graduate Student
Alexa N. Hopper, Class of 2024
Kaitlin R. Houser, Class of 2024
Megan R. Illes '20, Graduate Student
Meghan C. James, Class of 2021
Michelle M. Keiper, Class of 2021
Dennis R. Kergick '85, Graduate Student
Nicole Klass, Class of 2024
Morgan A. Koerber '18, Graduate Student
Rebecca Kotula, Class of 2024
Michaela J. Labar '20, Graduate Student
MacKenzie C. Lewis, Class of 2021
Michael P. May, Class of 2024
Helen P. McEntire, Class of 2021
Chrisopher J. McMonegal, Class of 2023
Rachael M. Miller, Class of 2022
Mikayla Moats, Class of 2024
Jasmine A. Mooney, Class of 2022
Molly E. Nies, Class of 2023
Bryce A. Parenti, Class of 2023
Jeremy Piatkiewicz, Class of 2024
Mikayla M. Pourby, Class of 2022
Marah Range, Class of 2021
Elizabeth A. Reeves '19, Graduate Student
Melissa C. Ritchie, Graduate Student
Nicole A. Rogai, Graduate Student
Katherine D. Santoro, Graduate Student
Laurie S. Schaller '10, Graduate Student
Abby R. Schoffstall, Class of 2021
Tyrek Scipio, Class of 2024
Lindsay N. Sherwood, Class of 2021
Olivia L. Shollenberger, Class of 2024
Steven A. Skuropacki, Class of 2021
Jeremy D. Smith '20, Graduate Student
Ashley L. Spencer, Class of 2022
Chelsea J. Swinney '18, Graduate Student
Jacob J. Szczecina, Graduate Student
Alexis J. Wright, Class of 2022

Names listed in bold are members of the President's Circle.
*Deceased; Italics: Gift in kind